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Engineering. Collaboration. Brilliance.

With eight worldwide locations, six time zones, and roughly fifty people involved, IDEO’s Global Chain Reaction is a great thought-starter for anyone looking to align a company towards innovation.

In these times of economic uncertainty it is easy to forget what an amazing world we live in and that the “art of the possible” is, well, still possible. IDEO’s Jon Kaplan keeps the hope alive with this superb initiative that highlights IDEO’s engineering capabilities that is also pure ingenuity right down to the viral marketing component of the initiative.

IDEO is a wonderful company. Let me tell you, it is very invigorating with people who think like this:

“I sent out rules and people either ignored them or followed them. The sense of humor part was great. Munich emailed early on and said, These rules are there for breaking, right?”

Jon Kaplan, we are very glad you are working.