The Creative Class® – Thinkers, Innovators, Decision-Makers.

The Creative Class®

The Creative Class®

An ex-colleague who is now working in Dubai sent me a link to this site. He’s one of those creatives who thinks architecturally and is forever coming up with these amazing presentations that explain complex things in brilliantly clear ways. He also is the type that casually mentions that he is building something and that something turns out to be absolutely incredible office space or some kind of place that revolutionizes the way people live and work. In short, we love him and hate him.  ;  )

So when he mentioned The Creative Class, I took his advice. You’ll want to also. (The navigation is chunked out into “live”, “work”, and “play”…that’s perfect.)

Here’s the overview:

“The Creative Class® — thinkers, innovators, decision-makers — influences cultural phenomenon and impacts business…understanding the Creative Class is strategic business. Creative Class Group (CCG) offers regions, companies, and associations the customized information, analysis, tools and research necessary for competitiveness and greater economic prosperity.”

If you would like to join up with The Creative Class, the link is right here.


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